Saturday, June 6, 2009

Someday, what you need and what you want will become the same thing.

Here's to another day of blogging, more or less, on time.

Today was actually similar to the previous in its beginning. Since I was up so late blogging, I decided to crash on the couch. The dogs always wake and bark and such when they hear anything, and I didn't want to disturb my parents at 3am. (The three dogs all share a bed with my parents.) I woke up at 8am again, and decided to go to my bed for a little more sleep. This led to another three and a half hours, which is at least better than the four hours of the day before. My bed is so comfortable, though, so it does make sense.

I spent awhile talking to my dad after I got up, and then we went out for lunch. All in all, we hung out for around three hours, which was pretty cool. I left for the church about 3pm, got a few things cleaned up from last night, then changed out the wires on the snare. I'm gonna put the old one in my cajon some time, which should be tight! Then I sat around for a little while, and watched as the Mac/ProPresenter acted up for a new volunteer. Anyway, we got it all sorted out in time, and I even made some super last minutes changes for Pastor Jim on his slides (which really isn't a quick thing to fix).
Right before the 5pm service, I split so my dad and I could head to my sister's graduation! I can't believe she's done with high school! Yet, somehow, it really suits her. My sister is awesome, and I think she's been "too old" for high school for awhile now. I was having some serious gear envy, 'cause my camera with the kit lens was basically worthless. Mostly, I just sat there wishing I had better lenses during the two hour ceremony. It was fine, though. We all came home afterwards, and all four of us (parents, Erin and I) sat in the backyard. Erin made some cookies, and we just just sat around talking. We spent a decent amount of time talking about what our church is (or, rather, isn't) doing to take advantage of social networking and other "Web 2.0"ish things, as well as all of the opportunities technology holds.
Tied into that idea, I want to create a small position at my church that's basically a "Social Networking Coordinator and Media Arts Assistant." That's a title I'm making up, and basically the responsibilities would be to maintain a facebook page, twitter account, vimeo account, etc, with information about our church, upcoming events, sermon videos, and so on; also, helping out with any type of media throughout the week and on the weekend, such as sound, video, tech-whatever...
See, children's ministry and student (through college/young adult) ministry are the top-ranked priorities for our church. Especially students, and students-to-be (a.k.a. children) are drawn into social networking and all variety of media. The church's best opportunity to reach the students is where they spend most of their time (or so I would believe). Therefore, having a facebook page that regularly updates, a twitter account for the same thing, a vimeo account where sermons are actually posted for reference/resource... These are all tremendous opportunites to appeal to the younger generations (myself included). I feel like some of these things are on the verge of blowing up in popularity, and I'm maybe riding the tip of that wave. I just don't want to see these opportunities go to waste and a generation poorly reached because the church doesn't see the need to stay current with USEFUL pop culture trends (emphasis on USEFUL).

My dad and jammed a little bit of bluesy stuff on guitar just a little bit ago, and now I'm finishing up this blog post.

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