Friday, June 12, 2009

It's too late to ablogalize, It's too late.

See? Just look at the title. It's clearly too late for this. I'll do something more detailed later...

10am Woke up,
read Psalms 19-20 and some of John.
Cleaned my room a little more.

12pm Determined I need to donate a lot of junk and sell some more to make more progress.
Listened to some records.

2pm Discovered another fraud charge, bringing totals fraud charges up to $200ish.
Made several phone calls, and *should* receive full refunds within ten days. (praise)
Caught up with some wall-posting on facebook.
Stumbled across an old blog of mine.

4pm Showered.
Emailed a little.

5pm Church for seven hours, setting up a ProTools rig.
Discovered I'll be back on as a paid intern. :)
Had some encouraging and also just fun conversation.

12:15pm Came home.
More email, twitter, facebook.

Currently Listening:
Hamilton Hardin - some random jam sessions from local gigs on youtube
(this dude is sick at every instrument.)

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