Saturday, June 27, 2009

I won't be the phase you go through.

Well, the last two days have been full of adventure.

Thursday morning, I went to the dentist and left my lights on, resulting in a dead battery when I was going to leave. Fortunately, a fellow came along shortly after who very kindly gave me a jump. Then, I came home long enough to pack everything up for a significant exploit to be detailed soon. I stopped by the church to do a little work relating to the weekend services, borrowed the Pro Tools rig, and left.
I drove down to Scioto Hills Christian Camp, which was a two-and-a-half hour drive (longer than I expected, but totally worth it!!! Thank you GPS phone for getting me there!!!). Zac Dixon and the rest of East To West was in the middle of their second week doing music for this camp, and they asked me if I'd be interested in running sound for them for the night. Well, of course I was!!! I couldn't get the Pro Tools rig running correctly, so I didn't get to record them in the manner I wished, but we still got a stereo track straight from the board of the house mix. (Note to self... check that out soon.) I also took a few pics.
East To West ROCKS, by the way! Just, sooo cool. Everything wrapped up around midnight, I snapped some more pics, bid farewell, and began the drive home. It stormed like CRAZY, and I tried to get some pictures of lighting halfway home. The whole drive felt really surreal.

A lot of today felt pretty surreal too. I got out of bed around noon (didn't get home until nearly 4am, I think) and ate and showered. I cleaned up my room a bit, too, because once that was done, my sister and I went to pick up my new kitty, Leah! My mom wanted another kitty real bad, so she used me as the scapegoat to excuse getting her. I'm fine with that, because she is actually going to be my cat. :) When we got home, I took a quick nap and played with Leah for a bit.
Around 6:30pm, my sister and I went downtown for Comfest (Community Festival)! We saw a few friends, listened to Happy Chichester play and walked around all of the tents and people selling stuff. Comfest is a blast, just because of the huge variety of people there and the general attitude of carefree coolness and total chill. I'm sure all the weed and beer help fuel that for most people. Too, there's lots of crazy folks, like guys in skirts, really unattractive topless womentypically painted as well, drum circles with people dancing absurdly, etc. I love going every year, though.

It was back home after we had our "fill" of the whole Comfest atmosphere, then I played around with those photos from yesterday and wrote about these last two days. Leah's running around my room playing with her toys. I'm going to bed.

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