Friday, June 19, 2009

Sing me something soft,

or loud and out of key. Sing me anything.

It's been such an overwhelming week or so. Seriously, just crazy. I'll try to sum things up for your curiousity. Last Friday was my sister's grad party. I stayed up really late after that working with my laptop, tweaking the heck out of it since I put the new screen in. It needs more RAM, but it's running awesome anyway, and I can see the whole screen! (I also have a 1TB external drive now with all my music, videos and photos, which means my internal drives are more free for a healthier computer.)

Saturday, I slept in, spent some more time working with my computer, then left for my first job at Super Games. It's such an awesome job. The work part is really hard work, and the chill times are really chill, so it balances nicely. We were in the warehouse for a birthday, and it was pretty toasty, but a great night anyway.
Sunday, I did the multimedia for church; ProPresenter and all that jazz. Afterwards, a bunch of folks all went down to the Thurman Café. Now, this is one of my favorite places to eat, ever, but it's been almost a year and a half since I had last gone. Anyway, I decided to tackle the Thurmanator this time around, since I had successfully eaten the standard Thurman Burger every time before. Here's a couple pics, and there's a couple more on my facebook. They were taken with my phone in dim lighting, so the quality isn't amazing:

Me with the Thurmanator.

The plate after everything was consumed.

Also, I drank eight glasses of coke and had a 24oz malt soon after. Then, I ate nothing more for 27 hours. It was totally worth it. I hung around CT (the high school youth group) doing sound and such that evening.

Monday, I spent close to eight hours sorting through my 1400 pictures from Europe and editing some of them. I also spent a a couple hours on that today. I'm down to a little less than 800 left, now. I put half of my Paris pictures up, but there's still a majority of the trip left. It'll be days before I can resume work on that, though. Monday evening, I had some plans get cancelled unexpectedly, so I decided to watch A Clockwork Orange. It was incredibly fascinating, but I don't feel inclined to go into detail about it here. It makes for some good conversation, though, so just ask me about it.

Tuesday, I picked up my new glasses. Then I spent the entire day at the church, doing all sorts of preperatory work for the live recording (which happened tonight). After around eight hours of such things, I came home briefly. The T-Mobile bill came... I used my phone more than I thought and paying my portion will be fairly hefty... No worries, though. I left soon thereafter for a rather impromptu evening with my very dear friend, Sam. We had an excellent evening filled with conversation, catching up, music, some white merlot, more conversation, a little Lego Star Wars and Scrubs, then some tea and other musical things in the morning.

Being on Wednesday at this point, I'll begin a new paragraph. I left relatively early, though, because I was unexpectedly in for an entire day of more recording prep. I met John at his house, we loaded up most of his Pro Tools HD rig, then went to the Vineyard to borrow even more equipment. We took everything to the church and began setting it all up. The drums were particularly fun: at least $6,000 in mics for a $5,200 kit:
An AKG D112 on the kick
Two SM57's on the snare (top, bottom, reverse phase on the bottom)
An SM81 on the hi-hat
Four AKG 414's, one per tom (those are $1,200 mics)
Two Studio Projects C1's for overheads

All-in-all, we had 38 channels being recorded. It was so crazy! We didn't finish up on Wednesday, that is, the band wasn't done rehearsing until just after midnight. I spent a lot of time organizing things backstage and in nearby closest containing various cables and gear.

Thursday, I woke up around 8:45am, got ready, and left for my second job with Super Games. It was some sort of huge outdoor even near the airport with hundreds or maybe even thousands of people. I spent around seven hours outside and got totally roasted. I also have some pretty serious lines on my wrists from the bands I wore to hide my tattoo (one band per wrist, for the sake of symmetry). It was a blast, though, and we were all packed up just before 4pm. I came home long enough to shower and change, then spent the next seven hours at church doing more organization while the band rehearsed. I also got to glean some pretty awesome recording knowledge from John. I was so tanked Thursday night, though, so I felt like a zombie the whole time. For some reason, I still stayed up until around 5am, mostly just talking to friends online (since that late time is nearly my only chance for social interaction with friends this week).

Today, I slept in a little (around 10:45am), then ate a little and watched something on the history channel about 70's technology. I took around an hour long nap, and woke again about 12:45pm. Then I decided to work on some more photos. I managed to get through around half of Paris, and I even put those up on Facebook. It'll be a few more days to get to anymore, though. I got over to the church, played with the lights a little, ate some dinner, and ran one of the cameras for the whole live recording event. Caleb, who is pretty great with all things video and lighting (and his dad owns a company that does stuff along those lines, so it reasons), brought in some extra gear to do a better job recording video than we can do with just our own stuff. I got to run a camera entirely by remote, and it was pretty neat. After it was over, I pretty much just split. Talked briefly to a few people, but I needed to get home, do this and get to bed. Tomorrow, I'm working my third Super Games job, from 6:30am to 8:30pm. It's an event up in the Cleveland area, I think, and travel is included in that, so it won't be awful at all. That means time to read (yes! finally!) or even sleep?

The greatest tragedy of being so busy is that my favorite things, reading and blogging, are the first to go. It takes a significant effort to spend time in reflection and to quietly read. When I'm totally exhausted, from being so busy, I prefer to spend any "extra" time being completely mindless, or at least just catching up with friends, even if it means staying up super late to chat online. Anyway, I haven't really got anything deep or highly introspective to write this evening. Too, I really oughta get to bed. Check out my photos in the meantime.

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  1. You seem to lead a busy life. At least you’re still able to find time between everything to do multimedia for church. I'm sure they appreciate it, especially since you seem to be highly skilled with computers.