Monday, June 1, 2009

It's time that you've won.

By the time I arrived home last evening, I was far too exhausted to be able to blog. Actually, that's not true. I read for a couple hours in the backyard, and THEN I was too tired. Anyway, here's a recap of yesterday:

I woke up in time to get dressed and grab some food, then split for church, arriving at 7:45am. I kinda got stuff ready to go for rehearsal and whatnot, then settled in reading more of Marriable. I also brought my thermos and filled it with steaming hot water, grabbing tea bags and such along the way. I had a pretty constant flow of tea the whole morning, thanks to my adept planning abilities. I sort of ran camera(s) and the video feed during the first service. I say "sort of" because I was reading all the while and not paying much attention.
Between services, I got fairly caught up with Jeremy Shelley (the HS director) on life for me for the last several months. The secoond service started up, and I hopped back into the booth. However, somebody else arrived to handle camera(s) and the live feed. That gave me even less to do, so I read fairly exclusively. Partway through second service, I finished Marriable.
Overall, I didn't really like the book, but it did have some positive points. I think I covered everything in Saturday's post, though. I mean, they just seemed to encourage playing games so much!! 'Girls, don't keep guys on the phone too long; you'll appear mysterious and they'll want you more!' I mean, technically there's some truth there- if I like a girl, and she limits phone calls to a short time, then I'll constantly feel like I just can't get enough of her. But I don't want her playing coy games to try to get me to like her or anything. I like to think I'm a big boy and can handle a long phone call, yet still know when it's wise to end the conversation for a night.

After church I headed home for a quick lunch and to collect some things. Originally, Steve, Eric, Josh Gulvas and I were gonna go cliff jumping (35ft). Arriving at the Batcave, Gulvas was nowhere to be found and apparently not returning until 3pm. Steve, Eric and I watched many episodes of "How I Met Your Mother" instead. That's definitely one of my new favorites/one of the funniest shows I've seen. I left at 4:30 (we had been watching since around 1, haha) and went back to the church because...
I got to play acoustic at CT (the high school youth group)! Michael Vawter asked me to play, since he was leading from electric. We did four songs, and it was quite enjoyable. I dropped the tuning a whole step and just used my cut capo the whole time. It was great for Come Thou Fount (in the key of D) and Facedown (in the key of G). I hardly know anybody in the youth group these days, though.
After CT was over, I went home and sat in the backyard. Dad and Erin had a fire going, and I sat on the swing and read for awhile. Around 11:00, I came inside and nearly passed out; that's why I didn't blog last night.

At one point later in the evening, I had been texting a friend and really trying to be an encouragement. I felt really transparent, like God was showing himself through me and using me. There's probably a lot of things that Tyler could have said, but I don't think there was much of Tyler in that conversation (until it funnied out later). I was just praying, God, help me show this person how much YOU care and love. I guess that's pretty significant, you know? I've been really learning about loving people and dying to myself. Jesus was so sincere about showing God's love to everybody he met, without bias, and encouraging people regardless of how he might've felt towards them.
(I wonder if Jesus ever felt particular dislike for certain people, and had to fight those feelings away? Similarly, I wonder if Jesus ever felt particular attraction towards certain people, and had to fight those feelings away? Because those feelings of dislike or attraction could taint the message of God's love. That really challenges me to show the same care and love for people, even if they have characteristics that irritate me, and I suppose it also challenges me to refrain from showing "too much" love for people I'm particularly fond of. Is that bad, though? Can you really show "too much" love? Or is it simply when you compare to the people you're loving less that it seems "too much"?)

I made it through eight books during the month of May. If I can keep half that pace through the summer, I'll be thrilled, but my book list keeps growing despite getting through eight. I'll be starting The Shack soon, and The Ragamuffin Gospel after that. There's lots of books on my shelf, and lots on reserve at the library, too. Actually, I'm gonna read Dateable sometime this week, too. One of the freshmen (almost sophomore!), Joey Klair unexpectedly had a copy and loaned it to me. I expect it to frustrate me, yet also inform me, in the same way as Marriable, but I have to read it nonetheless, just to know...

Currently Listening:
Michael Johns - Dream On, one of the contestants from Idol just over a year ago. He rocked, just not enough.

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