Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I hate all your show and pretense.

Yesterday (being Sunday in my mind) was AMAZING. I arrived at church on time and ran video for the services. Afterwards, it was home for lunch with the family in celbration of Father's Day. We had shrimp, filet mignon, potatoes, and something else. Also, iced tea.

Okay, let me interrupt here. I could live on iced tea. I LOVE good iced tea. I could probably drink at least a half gallon a day and never get sick of it. In our house, we tend to make a gallon every other day or so through the summer/warm months. Iced tea is sooo good.

After lunch, I left for some jamming with a few friends. Brian Skeel had invited me to play some music with Savannah, himself and their recently-found drummer, Bill. I got to here their music (minus Bill) about a year ago, and I was totally blown away. Then, we played together (still minus Bill) for an acoustic night thing back in August. Yet again, I was totally blown away and then some. They've been trying to assemble a band to play some gigs around town, and Brian asked me to play. It finally worked out, and I got to jam with them. I wound up on bass, and for the most part, I felt comfortable picking up the music.
You KNOW there's something special when you're getting chills playing the music. Seriously, their music is like nothing else. It's really, really... really, really, really awesome. I can't believe how cool it is I get to be involved with something so spectacular, even if it's only for a couple months, or even weeks or days. Just getting to witness some thing so great is moving.


Back to earth now... When I got home from that, we did Father's Day gifts and walked to Graeter's. Then, I left for a bonfire with a few friends; Anna, Alyssa and Eric. We left almost immediately and saw The Proposal, which was hilarious!

This morning (being Monday), I slept in a lot. I went back to sleep after waking once around 8:45am, and finally got up about 12:30pm. It was sooo nice to sleep in. I sat around lazily playing with software on my computer, then went to the church around 4:23pm. John and I packed up all the gear from the live recording and took it back to his house. I ate with his family, then we set his studio back up. I came home after that, played with more software and finally re-established my itunes library. I had also gotten some new music earlier today, so I've been listening to that intermittently.
I'm gonna be at the church most of tomorrow, but I finally made a list of the productive things I oughta do. So, along with stuff at church, I'm going to try to be productive.
Still no word on the next round of photos. I'll get there eventually.

I don't have anything tremendously profound for today either. The thing is, I just haven't been reading, and therefore I haven't had thoughts provoked. Soon...

Currently Listening:
Dave Matthews Band - Big Whisky & the GrooGrux King
(totally digging it. just finishing up the album along with this post.)

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