Sunday, June 21, 2009

I knit sweaters, yo.

I woke up this morning to my back-up alarm and made it to the Super Games warehouse just in time. We loaded up and departed for our job northeast of Cleveland, which was three hours away. On the way there, a tire blew on one of the trailers, and the door came open twice, but we made it okay. It was pouring rain the whole way, but it cleared enough when we arrived to set some stuff up. In short, it was an amazing day for work.
We packed everything up in about half an hour, which was awesome, and then headed home. Another tire blew on the same side of the same trailer, so they just replaced both at the same time. Then, the truck hauling it was out of gas and wouldn't start again. Everything got worked out well, though, and I don't really care to go into details about how it all worked out. It just did.

I got home, and had to take a bath (and leave the water in the tub) because apparently our basement flooded and the sump pump was acting up. Then I spent a brief time playing some poker with friends, and got home before midnight. I really wanted to play guitar, since this time is really my only time I can even do that, but my parents were in bed and they twice told me not to play. :( Instead, I've been talking to friends online and catching up with little things on facebook (like photo comments).

I finished reading Jesus Wants To Save Christians by Rob Bell today. It was really, really awesome. I'm getting too tired to properly reflect, and it's taken me weeks to get through it, but I highly recommend it. It really, really opened my eyes to some awesome insight on Jesus and the Exodus and some connections in the Bible I never realized.

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