Saturday, June 6, 2009

Bullet Proof... I Wish I Was...

Well, I'll just combine the last two days into one post and say I'm all caught up. After all, Thursday was pretty tame, and so was today.

Thursday, I woke up and watched another disc and some of How I Met Your Mother. Seriously, that show is spectacularly hilarious. Eventually (see also: 1pm), I came home with the intention to clean my room and unpack some more, but who really knows what I did. I mean, there was some cleaning here and there, and I showered at one point, but mostly I was just spinning my wheels.
Around 5pm, I left home and headed to the church. Every Thursday night, the worship team for the weekend rehearses, so I was prepping things and hanging out during their practice. Every weekend, we record video of each service to a DVR. Eventually, we run out of room and have to burn DVD archive copies to clear off the hard drive. Typically, this all happens at the last minute, so we had three months of services plus some extra things filling the hard drive. (With four services per weekend, that's a whole lot to be archived.) Anyway, I decided to just clean out the hard drive entirely. Actually, I started doing this during a seperate rehearsal on Tuesday. So I picked up where I left off with the archiving process. I also read quite a bit.
When that was over, I came home and fell asleep to Tye Tribbett (and G.A.)'s Stand Out DVD, which Hamilton had been borrowing for the last six months. I hadn't even seen it once through when I lent it to him, but I have it back, so that's the important thing.

I woke up around 8am this morning, still on the couch, and decided I should sleep more. I went to my bed this time, and didn't wake again until noon. Now, that's very, very late for me, but I had just put the memory foam pad back on my bed two days before (and hadn't slept on it yet, having stayed at the batcave and then our own couch the previous two nights). So, I suppose it was the immense comfort of my own bed that led to such a late sleep. I made some waffles, ate them (and I'll probably poop them out soon, if I haven't already). Then I basically spun my wheels for another few hours. I did finally catch up on everybody else's Europe photos, though, looking through them, liking and commenting when I remembered I was capable of such actions. (Sometimes I do get into a zone-out thing where I lock into looking and forget I can actually move and respond and stuff.)
I think my room actually got messier today, that's how little I did. Actually, yesterday, I spent a little time hanging up pics and other artsy things in my room; which really was silly since it's still such a tremendous mess. Back to today, though... At some point, I discovered I made the Forensics Team at school, which is cool, so I'm praying about doing that. I also got a call about my laptop. They said it would cost $470 to fix the screen. I said "screw you." Okay, not really. I asked them about the CD drive, so they're testing that for me. Then I'm going to ask that they don't fix anything and send it straight back. I can fix the screen myself for around $100. Maybe less.
After enough wheel-spinning, I left for the church again. There was another rehearsal tonight, with the guys prepping for a live-recording worship night happening in a couple weeks. I was flying solo in the booth, which was tight, by the way. I was crankin' 100 DBs from the booth, so it was absolutely blastin' in there. Plus, it was the ideal situation IMO, with a drum set, bass, electric, acoustic, organ and synth, and a lead vocalist. These guys are sick musicians as it is, and I had it rockin' hard in there. I was also staying busy archiving more services from past months, and I managed to get the DVR completely cleaned out tonight! :D I could probably post some mp3's from tonight eventually; I did a rough recording direct from the board that sounds pretty great. (It's not bragging when it's true. :p)

So, this idea has been consuming my thoughts for the last several days, and I mentioned it on Wednesday (Thursday morning? haha), but I want to elaborate on it and add my own expansions. I started this as an individual message to a friend, and then I kept sharing it with more people, and now I want to blog it just to share it with anyone who stumbles across here:

This friend had to paint a chair. He figured the job would probably take him ten or fifteen minutes, and the chair would be drying and all finished up. However, he wanted to include his son on the job. He figured it would be a great way for them to spend time together, and it might teach his son something useful, too. It took hours to paint the chair and they got paint everywhere; on the floor, walls, even themselves.
The thing about being a child of God, see every day is like Bring-Your-Kid-to-Work Day. God doesn't need us to complete his work. The fact is, he could do the job in an instant, and really, a lot of times, we can slow him down and make big, sloppy messes. But God loves us so much he wants to include us in his work! God, the God who made the entire, immeasurable universe and the tiniest, invisible quarks, wants US to be a part of HIS WORK!! I mean, that's easily the most exciting thing I've ever heard!

Something else I've realized, in pondering this idea, when we work with God like this, we get to know him better! I mean, we can read about God, we can see the things he's created, we can talk to him, and we can talk about him with other people who know him (and people who don't)... But when we work WITH God to advance his kingdom, we're getting to know him and his ways so much better! To paraphrase an idea from C.S. Lewis, you can spend years looking at a map, but you don't really KNOW a place until you've been there. In a similar fashion, you won't truly know a person until you've done things with him to see how he works, no matter what gets thrown his way. A person's character shines brightest in the face of adversity. (That's a T. Scott original, if you want to quote me. :p)
God invites us daily to participate in his work and to get to know him more personally. We are his children - you are his child, I am his child - and every day is Bring-Your-Kid-to-Work Day. Are you watching to see what God does? :)

Well, that's all for now. As always, please comment if something I've written stirs you.

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