Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I hope you don't mind, I hope you don't mind...

That I put down in words: I'm another day behind on posting...

Yesterday, I woke up about 8am. I had an interview at 10am, you see, and still needed to fill out the short little application. I wound up on the computer, checking email, twitter, facebook and ebay while listening to music. I was actually using the job info from my facebook profile to fill in the job app. My sister was in the bathroom most of this time, so I couldn't really do much in the way of showering or getting ready, and I took my time finishing up the application. I got all dressed up and ready to go, finally, and headed out the door. My car was totally empty of gas, so I opted for borrowing the parents' van. I was actually rushing at this point, and made it to the interview barely in time.
In fact, I had to wait a few minutes on my interviewer, but it was totally fine. He told me about the job, expectations and some basic rules and such. We talked a little about my availability, and I was leaving before I knew it. My first day of work will be on Friday! The job is with Super Games; the folks who handle the giant inflatable games and obstacle courses at big parties, field days, etc. It's a terrific job opportunity, so I'm really excited. I'm still looking for odd jobs with folks to supplement this, though, like yardwork or basic home-repair-ish things. Anyway, God has provided!!! Jehovah Jireh, as I proudly display on my arm, is always faithful to provide!
I came home for a quick lunch, and left again to meet with Aaron Zink, a good friend and man whom I respect greatly. We talked for nearly an hour about mentorship, discipleship and growing in faith. The conversation was really encouraging and helped my ideas of those topics follow through to a better understanding of each. I'm really excited for the opportunities I'll have this summer to work alongside of guys who can challenge me and speak into my life, prompting change and transformation.

Cleaning my room was next on the agenda, but I was quickly distracted. Instead, I decided to catch up on facebook photos. I didn't look through everybody's pics, especially considering Shaun uploaded four big albums as I was wrapping up, but I made it through a lot. It's fun to go back and see the pictures, especially since most of them are of people I wasn't around very often (at least during our sight-seeing excursions). I also put another thing on ebay in the midst of that, and sorted out a minor issue with my phone's microSD card.
At 9:30, I had the joy of calling a friend from school to catch up on the last month. It really was a terrific conversation, incorporating all things serious and silly, thoughtful and trite, meaningful and mundane. Two hours and forty minutes later, we called it quits for the night. It was quite a surprise to realize the conversation had lasted so long, but we both were getting rather tired. As the last of our conversation had turned to faith, growth, the pursuit of Christ and God's love, we prayed and said goodbye. I was probably asleep within 45 seconds of hanging up, which explains why I didn't blog about yesterday until now. Perhaps I'll get caught up tonight.

I'm not sure I have any deep thoughts from the day, especially considering I hardly read at all. It was incredibly encouraging, however, to realize how similar in our journeys of faith this friend and I seem to be. It spurs me to growth knowing I have friends right alongside me who have faced the same challenges I have and will too face the same things to come. Jesus is more than a "good idea"; he's real to us now, and how great an opportunity to be able to encourage one another in the great times and the struggles as we pursue to live like him!

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