Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Our God is ABLE!

After eating some incredible barbecue in Memphis, we hit the road for Texarkana, our hotel stop for the evening. About two hours later, we made a refuel and restroom stop. The cigarette lighters don't have power in the twelve passenger, so we decided to pick up some fuses and catch up with the other half of our team down the road.

While at Walmart, we received a phone call. A flat tire decommissioned the other van to the side of the road, close to Nowhere In Particular, Arkansas. Mike grabbed a can of Fix-A-Flat, and we got back on the highway. We found them, though a bit further down the highway than expected, and filled the tire. After a mile of slow, cautious driving to test the tire, we stopped again to re-check it. A decision was made to drive to the next exit, where we would at least be safer while waiting for AAA or other assistance.

The next exit surprisingly had a truck and tire repair shop visible from the off-ramp. Even more surprising, for 9:30pm Nowhere In Particular, Arkansas, there was a man there. He explained that the shop had been shut down for years, but he had recently purchased it and was in the process of remodeling. It wasn't even open for business yet! But God had orchestrated all these details, and we happened to catch him at the perfect moment. He repaired the tire for a few bucks, and now we're back on the road!

Our God is ABLE!!

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