Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Thousand Times I've Failed...

And yet I'm going to try this blogging thing again.
I mean, really, I've probably started at least six blogs in the last several years, and then I've abandoned them all within a month or so at best. So why try again?

   Well, secretly I think my life is interesting enough that everybody should care about what I do on a daily basis. I pretty much expect everybody and their aunt to read this log of my life. If I write, then people can read and know what I'm up to.
   Or maybe I'm just doing this to help clear my head each day before I go to sleep. I had a xanga when I was a wee lad, maybe 9th and 10th grade. But then drama ensued, and xanga was a primary ground for compounding the drama. That's when I stopped blogging.
   I'm back, again, to try, again, to blog, again, in a mildly consistent matter. Pretend it's Thursday night... Here we go:

   I still haven't adjusted entirely from European time zone-ness.  I woke up at 5am the last two mornings, and 7am this morning.  I'd prefer to keep getting up early, though, even if it means sleeping earlier.  It's awesome to hit 11am, think it's 4pm and realize how much I've accomplished already and how much time there still is.  This morning I made poached eggs and toast, then sat in our backyard.  I read some of Luke, sipped coffee and ate.  My eggs were sickeningly sweet, because I accidently poached them in sugar water my mom had prepared for the hummingbirds.
   Around 8:45, my dad and I left the house to do a job.  We painted a kitchen/dining room ceiling in some house for some gal.  We ate these gigantic and delicious chicken salad sandwiches for lunch at a place nearby called Freeman Market.  I don't feel like describing it right now.
   When we got home, I was checking some emails and twitter and such, and I wound up reading articles about EQing and miking and live sound for around three hours.  I always love reading about that.  I also listened to Kris Allen's cover of Heartless around ten times. Maybe a lot more.     I stopped by the library for my new card and two books.  It's really great having a card again.  I'm really excited about the books I'll be able to read for free this summer. :)  After that stop, I hit up the bank to deposit some money (borrowed from my parents, because I'm flat broke, still).  However, I've got some really awesome doors God is opening for me in the area of a job, so I'm thrilled about that.
   I went to the church next to help out with the band reahearsal for Sunday.  It's soooo nice to be back at Heritage.  I just really missed my church a whole lot more than I thought I ever would.  Anyway, did a few small tech things, stood around catching up with John Wirtz, then him, Jewelee and I split for Donatos.  We chatted about all sorts of things and heard lots of funny stories about John being flat broke after hs days at Full Sail.  John had lots of food-related stories, such as making chicken alfredo or spaghetti using ramen, various freebie packets of sauce from places and carefully rationed ramen seasoning.  He also told us of free food giveaways where his brother would snag random freebies resulting in concoctions like shrimp coctail sandwiches.
   Moving along... After we ate it was back to the church to hang some banners related to the Revelation series happening right now.  Apparently there's also going to be a live lamb...
   The gal who was going to buy my tv bailed at the last minute, so there's a hundred bucks I didn't make tonight after all. No biggie, I suppose.
   I gave Jared a call to catch up on life over the last month; it was a fun conversation for sure.  After that, I came inside and crashed (...AFTER writing this blog...).
New day "tomorrow" with new opportunities. Hopefully my posts will start to take some direction, because this wasn't quite what I had in mind, though it was close.

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